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This is our Alakajam 3 Game Jam entry, we were aiming to submit under Ranked Team but unfortunately bit off slightly more than we could chew and had to miss the dead line by a few hours. It's an FPS where the aim of the game is to kill enemies in skillful ways using a throwing knife to level up your progression which was initially meant to give you access to a skill tree full of different abilities, due to time constraints we had to cut it a bit short. We included mouse sensitivity options by the way, for those of you that care.

Thanks for looking!

KNOWN BUG: Sometimes you can get the game in a state where you don't die and can no longer throw knives, you will need to restart the game to fix it. It generally happens from Alt Tabbing and hitting Escape randomly.

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Tags3D, FPS, fullysick


HeadClickers1.1.zip 75 MB
HeadClickers.zip 75 MB

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